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Innovation to Grow, Nurture, and Inspire Teachers of English-learners

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Inviting applications for our 3rd cohort for the MAT, Add-on & NC TEACH residency programs beginning in the Summer/Fall 2024 semester!

Project Ignite (Innovation to Grow, Nurture, and Inspire Teachers of English-learners) provides tuition support and professional learning opportunities for in-service and preservice teachers teaching in North Carolina or seeking NC teaching licensure to support equitable instruction for English learners and their families. Click on one of the options below to see how you can get involved.



For preservice teachers (seeking NC licensure) seeking ESL licensure


For ESL teachers (not licensed) seeking ESL licensure


For inservice teachers (already licensed) seeking ESL licensure


Professional Learning Communities for inservice teachers

Tuition Support

With support from a National Professional Development Grant from the US Department of Education, the UNCG TESOL Program is able to offer tuition support through Project Ignite for students seeking to obtain their North Carolina initial license as an ESL teacher (TESOL MAT), North Carolina teachers who are already employed as ESL teachers but do not yet have their initial teaching license (NC TEACH), and teachers who are seeking to obtain North Carolina ESL certification to add to their current license (ESL Add-on). Tuition and fees, including costs associated with applying for licensure, are covered in full.


Juliet Biemiller

Going back to school to get my masters in TESOL at UNCG remains one of the best decisions I have made. This unique degree qualified me for a wide range of meaningful and enriching career opportunities. The teachers and mentors in the MAT TESOL program at UNCG were outstanding, I felt so supported throughout my time there. The small cohort group also provided unique support, and many of us have remained friends long after.

-Juliet Biemiller

Martha Reyes

I truly hold my experience with the courses and the professors so close to my heart. I really felt such a sense of belonging in the courses I took. So much that I learned/the people I’ve met has shaped me to become the educator that I am today.

-Martha Reyes

Edolie Santos

The TESOL program changed my life! It was a roller coaster ride but it was well worth it! I found my calling as an educator and advocate for our EL students. The professors were more than that, they were mentors, and my cohort, "TEAM CALIENTE"....will forever be family.

-Edolie Santos

Carlos Oliviera

This program was life changing in many ways…It was and continues to be the ultimate educational experience that allows me to influence and empower generations of ELs and colleagues in this wonderful field.

– Carlos Oliviera

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News from Ignite

2023 UNCG TESOL Celebration!

June 1, 2023 | 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Join us as we celebrate our students, participants, and alumni!

Registration required.

Guest speaker: Dr. Barbara Levin

Information Sessions!

We are currently accepting applications for the TESOL MAT program and ESL Add-on Licensure programs beginning in the Summer or Fall semesters and for the NCTEACH Residency Licensure program beginning in the Summer, Fall, or Spring semesters. Join one of our Online Information Sessions to learn more about Project Ignite and TESOL programs at UNCG! Register for a session below.

Information Sessions

The next stage : 2021-2026

We are excited to share that UNCG was awarded funding from the National Professional Development Grant for Project IGNITE (Innovation to Grow, Nurture
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Project Ignite

Innovation to Grow, Nurture, and Inspire Teachers of English-learners