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PLC Facilitators

PLC Topics

The Power of Oracy in Literacy and Multiliteracy Development

PLC participants will collaborate and share resources focusing on the oracy development among multilingual learners. Strategies to enhance academic vocabulary development, to integrate oracy in content-based instruction, and to design small group instructional activities to promote literacy and multiliteracy development will be shared. Teachers will begin networking across schools and enhance their plan to build home-school connections. PLC participants will collaborate to create family engagement activities to support families build oracy at home.

Facilitator: Diana Castaño

Participants: Neera Bhat; Catherine Hamilton-Genson; Claudia M Jimenez; Devaka Newton; Donetta Pedroza

Integrating Content and Language Learning through Community-Based Projects

In this PLC, teachers will discuss strategies to integrate content and language learning and adapt existing instructional practices to support multilingual learners during content area instruction. Teachers will also share ideas of community-based projects that engage multilingual learners and local communities.

Facilitators: Edison García Tenza & Maria Cristina Morales

Participants: Yamil Ardila; Carrie Jones; Kimberly Mczeek; Iris Miller; Walter Moore; Brittani Russell

Academic Language Development through Home Literacy Connections

Through the PLC discussions, teachers will become aware of family and community assets and resources, and will share tools and strategies to support and enhance family engagement and home literacy activities. Teachers will also integrate these strategies and resources to support multilingual learners’ academic language development through school-home literacy connections.

Facilitators: Clara Molina

Participants: Angelica Flechas; April Scott; Steven Smyre

Engagement of Multilingual Learners and Families in Middle Schools

Through the PLC discussions, teachers will share resources and strategies to enhance families’ understanding of the middle school instructional contexts, and to support family engagement through multilingual and multiliteracy activities. In addition, PLC participants will explore literacy strategies and collaborate on the planning of specific family engagement activities.

Facilitator: Betsy Román

Participants: Monica Bryant; Jennifer DiFiore; Alegria Rodriguez

Multiliteracy Development: Using Digital Tools to Engage Learners in Multilingual Classrooms

Through this PLC, teachers will explore various digital tools and resources that support multilingual learner development. PLC participants will review and evaluate digital tools, integrate these tools in meaningful ways through multilingual instruction and family engagement, and prepare multilingual learners to use digital tools for effective communication.

Facilitator: Analia Wells

Participants: Stephanie Ballance; Rocio Edna; Hailey Vazquez