Project Ignite

Innovation to Grow, Nurture, and Inspire Teachers of English-learners


Ignite PLCs are designed to support multilingual learners and their families. All PLCs focus on promoting literacy through either 1) providing families with evidence-based strategies or 2) facilitating the use of data by educators to enhance students’ literacy skills based on the needs of the school and local communities. Funds are provided for planning family engagement events related to the PLC goals and to provide teacher stipends for their leadership and participation in the PLCs.

PLC Activities

Each year, PLC facilitators and participants will be invited to participate in PLC activities.

PLC facilitators will participate in 20-hour online professional development in the Spring semester.

PLCs will start every Fall. PLC activities include 24 hours of online engagement include asynchronous PD modules (9 hours), regular small group PLC sessions (1.5 hours per month for 8 months, a total of 12 hours), and whole-group sessions (1.5 hours per semester, a total of 3 hours).

PLC Materials

NPD Grant Support

Stipends are allocated for PLC facilitators ($800) and PLC participants ($600). 

Each PLC may choose to design family engagement events. Grant funds are allocated for these events so teachers may purchase supplies such as books for families. In addition, PLC may choose to involve family members in designing and sharing family engagement activities that promote literacy.

Review the MOU for more details. 

Learning More About Ignite PLCs

2022-2023 PLC

2023-2024 PLC

2024-2025 PLC


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